Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the Red Tent

Welcome Sisters to The Red Tent. I decided to start this blog while preparing for my upcoming childbirth educator training. I plan to begin posting to this blog in January 2011.

I would like to also welcome you all to consider writing something to be posted here. Your birth stories! As women, it is important to share our stories, all of them! The ones that make you smile, and the ones that make you cry. Women have shared the stories of their births for hundreds and thousands of years. So I encourage you to share your stories!

In the mean time I am on the look out for birth images I can use in my background or header. If you have an image that belongs to you and you would like to share it, please send me an e-mail!

So, stay tuned, next year is right around the corner!

(This is not intended to tread of anyones toes! I'm happy to share links to other blogs with the same idea! It's all about spreading the word about normal birth!)

In the mean time, I would also like to point you all to The Red Tent Project. Designed to get safe and reusable menstrual products to women in Ethiopia.

And The Red Tent Women's Project!

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